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Dimensionality of Congressional Voting Post-World War II

Since the end of World War II the structure of Congressional voting has changed dramatically. With few exceptions, roll call voting throughout American history has been simply structured. Only two dimensions are required to account for the great bulk of … Continue reading

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Basic Space Transpose Issue Scaling Example: Presidential Candidate Positions on Vietnam and Urban Unrest

Below we apply the transpose function of the basic space package in R (see page 6 of the basic space reference guide for information specific to the transpose function) to the Vietnam scale to check for unidimensionality. Below is the … Continue reading

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House: Vote to Repeal Health Care Reform (Rank Order Plot)

Below is a plot of the House vote to repeal the health care reform law. We have a previous post on this vote (taken January 19, 2011). In the plot below, we first sort the first-dimension W-NOMINATE scores of the … Continue reading

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