93rd Congress > House > Vote 368

Date: 1973-10-03

Result: 378-2

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Government Organization

Bill number: HR10088


Bill summary: (LATEST SUMMARY) Establishes the Big Cypress National Preserve in the State of Florida. Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to acquire by donation, by purchase with donated or appropriated funds or by exchange any lands, waters, or interests therein which are located within the boundaries of the preserve. Prohibits the acquisition of any lands from the State of Florida other than by donation. Permits owners of improved property, as a condition to the transfer of their lands, to retain (...show more) for themselves and their heirs and assigns a right of use and occupancy in such property for a term not exceeding 25 years or, is lieu thereof, for a term ending with the death of the owner or his spouse, whichever is later. Directs the Secretary to submit within a year after the enactment of this Act a detailed plan indicating: (1) the lands and areas which he deems essential to the protection and public enjoyment of this preserve, (2) the lands which he has previously acquired by purchase, donation, exchange or transfer for administration for the purpose of this preserve; and (3) the annual acquisition program (including the level of funding) which he recommends for the ensuing five fiscal years. Authorizes to be appropriated an amount not to exceed $116,000,000 for the acquisition of lands and interests in lands, and an amount not to exceed $900,000 for development.

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Bill titles: A bill to establish the Big Cypress National Preserve in the State of Florida, and for other purposes.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 119-147, p. H8613;

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