93rd Congress > House > Vote 527

Date: 1973-12-20

Result: 330-33

Vote Subject Matter: Social Welfare / Budget Special Interest

Bill number: S1559


Bill summary: Job Training and Community Services Act - Title I: State and Local Sponsorship of Programs - Declares it to be the purposes of this Act (1) to establish a system of State and local programs providing job training opportunities and community services for the economically disadvantage; (2) to make funds available to meet locally determined needs; and (3) to assure that training and other programs lead to employment and enhanced self-sufficiency. Authorizes appropriations of $1,880,000,000 for (...show more) fiscal year 1974, and such sums as may be necessary for each of the three suceeding fiscal years. Provides for advance funding. States that States and specified units of local government shall qualify as prime sponsors under this Act. Requires such sponsors to submit a plan prior to their satisfactory sponsorship. Provides that such plan contain specified provisions, including that the plan: (1) evidence the capability for effectively carrying out programs under this Act; and (2) provide that the prime sponsor shall be responsible for the planning and development of programs in the prime sponsorship area: Title II: Job Training Programs - Provides that programs receiving financial assistance shall include provision of training opportunities needed to enable individuals to secure and retain employment consistent with their full potential. Specifies programs which may be assisted under this Act, including: (1) new carriers programs; (2) neighborhood youth programs; (3) opportunities industrialization centers; (4) jobs for progress; (5) job opportunities in the business sector; (6) skill centers; and (7) public service employment programs. Provides for allocation of any funds appropriated for the purpose of carrying out this title. Sets forth the standards which a prime sponsorship plan must meet in establishing an employment and training council. Specified the requirements of the program statement which the prime sponsor must submit in order to receive financial assistance. Delegates specified responsibilities and authorizations to the Secretary of Labor for carrying out the purposes of this Act. Directs the role the comprehensive State plan must follow in providing services, financial assistance, publishing information and technical assistance. Sets forth the circumstances under which the Secretary shall not provide program assistance. Authroizes the Secretary to provide for payments of weekly allowances to individuals receiving service under this title. Title III: Community Services for the Economically Disadvantaged - Allocates 17.5 percent of the funds authorized under this Act to the purposes of this title. Requires a prime sponsor to use funds to assist economically disadvantaged persons, including the elderly poor, to achieve self-sufficiency. Title IV: General Provisions - Empowers the Secretary to revoke a prime sponsor's designation upon failure of the sponsor to administer activities in accordance with national purposes. Sets forth the definitions of terms used in this Act. Specified the circumstances under which the Secretary shall not provide financial assistance under this Act, including: (1) if a program involves political activities or (2) if the participants in the program will be employed in a facility used for sectarian instruction or as a place for religious worship. Establishes, by Presidential appointment, a National Employment Opportunities Council. Directs such Council to (1) identify the employment goals and needs of the National and assess programs to determine the extent to which they represent a coordinated approach to meeting such goals; (2) review the administration and operation programs and advise the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Health Education, and Welfare as to the carrying out of their duties under this and related acts; and (3) conduct independent evaluations of programs carried out under this and related Acts and publish the results thereof. Directs the Secretary of Labor to make reports and recommendations to the President, for transmittal to Congress, pertaining to employment and occupational requirements, resources, use, and training. Requires the Secretary to gather and publish data on unemployment, underemployment and job vacancies by State, labor market area, rural area, and city and poverty neighborhoods.

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Bill titles: An Act to assure opportunities for employment and training to unemployed and underemployed persons.; A bill to provide financial assistance to enable State and local governments to assume responsibilities for job training and community services.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 119-201, p. H11807;

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