94th Congress > House > Vote 433

Date: 1975-10-02

Result: 245-183

Vote Subject Matter: Foreign and Defense Policy / Defense Policy Budget

Bill number: S2230


Bill summary: (Measure passed House, amended, roll call #581 (237-176)) Authorizes appropriations for the Board for International Broadcasting for fiscal year 1976. Authorizes the President to furnish to Turkey defense articles and services for which contracts were signed on or before February 5, 1975, under the Foreign Military Sales Act. Provides that such authorization be effective only while Turkey observes the cease fire and neither increases its forces on Cyprus nor transfers any United (...show more) States-supplied arms thereto. Requests the President to discuss with Greece that country's needs for economic and military assistance and to report his findings to Congress. Limits the authority of the President to suspend the ban on military assistance to the suspension of the ban with respect to equipment determined to be necessary to enable Turkey to fulfill her responsibilities as a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Requests the President to initiate discussions with Turkey on means of preventing the diversion of opium poppy into illicit channels. Directs the President to report to Congress on progress made toward achieving a negotiated solution of the Cyprus problem. Requires Congressional review of any proposed sale of any defense article or service for $25,000,000 or more before the issuance of any letter of offer to sell pursuant to the Foreign Military Sales Act.

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Bill titles: A bill to authorize appropriations for the Board for International Broadcasting for fiscal year 1976; and to promote improved relations between the United States, Greece, and Turkey, to assist in the solution of the refugee problem of Cyprus, and to otherwise strengthen the North Atlantic Alliance.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 121-147, p. H9523;

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