96th Congress > House > Vote 1072

Date: 1980-07-30

Result: 334-61

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Budget Special Interest

Bill number: HR7724


Bill summary: (House insisted on its disagreement to certain Senate amendment) =Title I: Department of the Interior= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1981 within the Department of the Interior for the: (1) Bureau of Land Management for management of lands and resources, acquisition, construction and maintenance, payments in lieu of taxes, Oregon and California grant lands, range improvements, service charges, deposits, and forfeitures, and miscellaneous trust funds; (2) Office of Water Research and (...show more) Technology for salaries and expenses; (3) Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service for salaries and expenses, the Urban Park and Recreation Fund, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (including revenues from recreation fees collection), and the Historic Preservation Fund; (4) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for resource management, the National Wildlife Refuge Fund, construction and anadromous fish, and the Migratory Bird Conservation Account; (5) National Park Service for the operation of the National Park Service (including funds for the Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, police force, the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D. C., Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Roads (without regard to whether the United States has title to such roads rights-of-way), commemoration of the Battle of Yorktown in Virginia, construction, and the Kennedy Center; (6) Geological Survey for surveys (including the geological mapping of the Osburn Fault in Idaho), investigation, and research, and exploration of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska; (7) Bureau of Mines for mines and minerals; (8) Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement for regulation and technology and the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund; (9) Bureau of Indian Affairs for operation of Indian programs, construction, road construction, the Alaska Native Fund, tribal trust funds, the Revolving Fund for Loans, the Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund, and Eastern Indian Land Claims Settlement Fund; (10) Office of Territorial Affairs for administration (including new construction in the Virgin Islands) and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands; (11) Office of the Solicitor for salaries and expenses; and (12) Office of the Secretary for departmental management, construction management, the Inspector General, the Youth Conservation Corps, and the WEB Rural Water Development Project in South Dakota. Sets forth uses for and the limitations on appropriations for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service (NPS), Geological Survey, Bureau of Mines, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Working Capital Fund. Makes appropriations available for emergencies, fire prevention, warehouses, services, and uniforms and allowances. Directs the Secretary of the Interior to develop criteria for extending the period allowed for phased livestock reductions on public rangelands. Prohibits the use of BLM funds to study the suitability for wilderness designation of specified lands to be used for a sheep experiment station. Directs the Secretary, in acquiring lands for the Kaloko-Honokohan National Historical Park, to first acquire surplus Federal lands to be exchanged for the described lands. Prohibits the use of NPS funds to enforce the noise abatement plan for Grand Teton National Park or other proposed regulations that apply to the Jackson Hole Airport, Wyoming. Rescinds the withdrawal of lands within the exterior boundaries of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska for purposes of the oil and gas leasing program. Permits geological and geophysical explorations in such Reserve. Requires actions seeking judicial review of the adequacy of any environmental impact statement concerning oil and gas leases in such Reserve to be brought within a specified period. Deems specified environmental and land-use studies to have fulfilled National Environmental Policy Act requirements with regard to the first two oil and gas lease sales in such Reserve. Makes a portion of the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund available to carry out authorized research, demonstration, and reclamation projects. Declares that a water development project on the Gila River Indian Reservation, Arizona, shall not be a major Federal action under the National Environmental Policy Act. Limits contracts for services issued by the General Services Administration to one year. Prohibits the use of funds for the identification of lands in the Unique Wildlife Ecosystem Program. Authorizes the Secretary of the Interior to appoint an advisory group to study the effect of future growth and development on the national capital area. Restricts the use of appropriated funds: (1) for reports to Congress on potential areas to include in the National Park System (authorizes the use of funds to study proposed new areas); (2) to extend the boundaries of the Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Area, Idaho; and (3) to reduce the number of user days or launches of commercial motorized watercraft excursions on the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, below the 1978 level. Terminates the Secretary's authority to enter into contracts for the development of helium properties. =Title II: Related Agencies= - Makes appropriations for fiscal year 1981 to the following agencies: (1) Forest Service within the Department of Agriculture for forest research, State and private forestry, the National Forest System, construction and land acquisition, acquisition of lands for specified national forests and to complete land exchanges, rangeland improvements, and timber salvage sales; (2) Department of Energy for fossil energy research and development, fossil energy construction, energy production, demonstration, and distribution, energy conservation, economic regulation, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and the Energy Information Administration; (3) Department of Health and Human Services for Indian health services and facilitiess (including compliance with Medicare and Medicaid requirements and the leasing of housing for the Bethel Alaska Native Hospital); (4) Department of Education for Indian education; (5) Institute of Museum services; (6) Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission for salaries and expenses; (7) Smithsonian Institution for salaries and expenses, museum programs and research (special foreign currency program), construction and improvements at the National Zoological Park, restoration and renovation of buildings, construction, salaries and expenses at the National Gallery of Art and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; (8) Architect of the Capitol for a memorial to Hale Boggs in the Congressional Cemetery; (9) National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities for the National Endowment for the Arts for salaries and expenses and matching grants and the National Endowment for the Humanities for salaries and expenses and matching grants; (10) Commission of Fine Arts for salaries and expenses; (11) Advisory Council on Historic Preservation for salaries and expenses; (12) National Capital Planning Commission for salaries and expenses; (13) Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission for salaries and expenses; (14) Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation for salaries and expenses, the Land Acquisition and Development Fund, and public development; (15) Federal Inspector for the Alaska Gas Pipeline for permitting and enforcement; and (16) the Holocaust Memorial Council. Revises the apportionment of funds for the Energy Security Reserve to make specified funds available to the Secretary of Energy for commercialization activities. Exempts alternative fuels actions from provisions requiring prior notification of Congress by the Secretary of Energy. Permits the use of biomass energy project loan guarantee default reserve funds to guarantee up to three times the amount held in reserve of loans for alcohol fuel production. Amends the Powerplant and Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978 to define "local government" for purposes of assistance to areas impacted by increased coal or uranium production. Directs the President to begin acquiring crude oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at an average annual rate of at least 300,000 barrels per day or that rate which would fully utilize appropriated funds. Permits non-Indian patients to be extended health care at the Talihina Hospital in Oklahoma and the Zuni-Ramah Indian Health Service Unit in New Mexico. Sets forth uses for and restrictions on appropriations for the Forest Service, Department of Energy, Health Services Administration, and the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities. =Title III: General Provisions= - Requires that the procurement contracts for consulting services be available for public inspection. Prohibits the use of funds for: (1) sale of specified timber from Federal lands for export; (2) oil and natural gas leases within the Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, by noncompetitive bidding; (3) lobbying; (4) implementing, without State approval, regulations requiring the use of steel shot in connection with the hunting of waterfowl; or (5) obligation beyond the current fiscal year unless otherwise provided. Requires the resolution of: (1) pending, unresolved audits by September 30, 1981; and (2) new audits within six months. Directs Federal agencies to take immediate action to: (1) improve the collection of overdue debts; (2) bill interest on deliquent debts; and (3) reduce the amount of uncollectible debts. Reduces by specified amounts the funds for consultant services for the Forest Service, but makes specified funds available for continuing development and demonstration of aerial logging systems. Directs Federal agencies to submit annual: (1) estimates of funds for consulting services to the Appropriations Committees; and (2) evaluations of the agency's progress in instituting effective management controls and improving the accuracy of data regarding consulting contracts. Revises the President's Statement of Policy used for budget requests for Forest Service activities. States that an adequate data base on range lands should be developed by 1990. Finds the high-bound program for renewable resources may not be sufficient to carry out such Statement. Encourages State and private owners to manage their land in support of such Statement. Declares that adequate funding is necessary to accomplish the policy goals of such Statement. Prohibits the use of funds to demolish shelters on Federal lands where no other shelter exists within a five mile radius.

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Bill titles: A bill making appropriations for the Department of the Interior and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1981, and for other purposes.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 120, p. 6790;

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