96th Congress > House > Vote 1265

Date: 1980-12-04

Result: 326-26

Vote Subject Matter: Agriculture / Budget Special Interest

Bill number: HR7591


Bill summary: (Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 96-1519) Appropriates funds for agriculture, rural development, and related agencies programs for fiscal year 1981. =Title I: Agricultural Programs= - Appropriates funds for: (1) necessary expenses of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture; (2) departmental administration; (3) governmental and public affairs; (4) necessary expenses of the Office of the Inspector General; (5) Office of the General Counsel; (6) Federal Grain Inspection Service; (...show more) (7) science and education administration; (8) scientific activities overseas (special foreign currency program); (9) cooperative research; (10) extension activities; (11) technical information systems; (12) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; (13) buildings and facilities; (14) Food Safety and Quality Service; (15) funds for strengthening markets, income, and supply; (16) Economics and Statistics Service; (17) Agricultural Cooperative Service; (18) World Food and Agricultural Outlook and Situation Board; (19) Agricultural Marketing Service; (20) payments to States and Possessions; (21) Office of Transportation; (22) the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Services; (23) Dairy and Beekeeper Indemnity Programs; (24) Federal Crop Insurance Corporation; (25) Commodity Credit Corporation. Requires the General Sales Manager to report guarterly to the appropriate committees of Congress on the effectiveness of relying upon loan guarantees as opposed to direct loans for financing commercial export sales of agricultural commodities out of private stocks. =Title II: Rural Development Programs= - Makes appropriations for: (1) Farmers Home Administration; (2) Rural Housing Insurance Fund; (3) Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund; (4) Rural Development Insurance Fund; (5) rural water and waste disposal grants; (6) very low-income housig repair grants; (7) rural housing for domestic farm labor; (8) Self-Help Housing Land Development Fund; (9) rural community fire protection grants; (10) rural development planning grants; (11) rural housing supervisory assistance grants; (12) Rural Electrification Administration; (13) Rural Electrification and Telephone Revolving Fund loan authorizations; (14) Rural Telephone Bank; (15) Rural Communication Development Fund; (16) Soil Conservation Service; (17) river basin surveys and investigations; (18) watershed planning and flood prevention; (19) resource conservation and development; (20) Great Plains conservation program; (21) Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service; (22) agricultural conservation program; (23) rural clean water program; (24) forestry incentives program; (25) water bank program; and (26) emergency conservation program. =Title III: Domestic Food Programs= - Appropriates funds for: (1) child nutrition programs; (2) special milk program; (3) special supplemental food programs; (4) food stamp program; (5) food donations programs; and (6) food program administration. =Title IV: International Programs= - Makes appropriations for: (1) Foreign agricultural service; (2) Office of International Cooperation and Development; and (3) Public Law 480 (under the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954). =Title V: Related Agencies= Appropriates funds for the: (1) Food and Drug Administration; (2) Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and (3) Farm Credit Administration. =Title VI: General Provisions= - Limits the use of funds appropriated under this Act for any consulting services through procurement, contract to those contracts where such expenditures are a matter of public record. Makes funds authorized and appropriated to the Department of Agriculture for fiscal year 1981 available for: (1) the purchase of a specified number of passenger motor vehicles; (2) the hire of such vehicles; (3) uniforms or uniform allowances; and (4) certain research and service work contracts. Prohibits the use of such funds to make production or other payments to persons or corporations who harvest for illegal use, marihuana or other prohibited drug-producing plants. Permits advances of money to be made to chiefs of field parties. Limits the cumualature total of transfers to the Working Capital Fund. Limits the amount of the appropriations available for orientation and language training. Permits employees agencies within the Department to be utilized without reimbursement by other agencies within the Department. Prohibits the use of funds appropriated under this Act for any contracts for services which are not in full compliance with the Federal Procurement Policy Act. Restricts the obligation of appropriations during the last quarter of fiscal year 1981. Requires the head of each department and establishment to submit to the Committees on Appropriations and to the Director of OMB a quarterly report specifying the amount of obligations and the percent of total available budget authority for the 1981 fiscal year incurred in the quarter. Prohibits the use of funds made available under this Act to implement or enforce any regulation which has been vetoed by Congress. Requires such agencies and departments for fiscal year 1982 and for each year thereafter to submit to Congress: (1) an estimate of the amount of funds requested for consulting services; and (2) an evaluation of the agency's progress to institute effective management controls. Requires certificates of beneficial ownership sold by the Farmers Home Administration, in connection with the Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund, Rural Housing Insurance Fund, and the Rural Development Insurance Fund, to be not less than 75 percent of the value of the loans closed during the fiscal year. Limits overhead changes on cooperative agreements between the Department of Agriculture and nonprofit institutions to ten percent. Requires the Department of Energy to transfer a specified amount to the Department of Agriculture for biomass and alcohol fuels research. Prohibits the use of funds appropriated by this Act to be used to require producers to remain within their normal crop acreage to be eligible for price-support loans, target price protection, or disaster assistance with regard to the 1981 programs for cotton, wheat, feed grains, and rice under the Food and Agriculture Act of 1977. Requires departments and related agencies receiving appropriations in excess of a specified amount to submit to the appropriate committees of Congress containing a schedule of anticipated outlays for each month of fiscal year 1981. Exempts specified watershed projects from specific requirements.

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Bill titles: A bill making appropriations for Agriculture, Rural Development, and Related Agencies programs for fiscal year ending September 30, 1981, and for other purposes.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 170, p. 11989;

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