102nd Congress > House > Vote 241

Date: 1991-08-01

Result: 228-196 (Passed)

Clerk session vote number: 250

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Regulation Special Interest

Bill number: HR14

Question: On Passage


Bill summary: Flight Attendant Duty Time Act - Amends the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 to direct the Secretary of Transportation to initiate a rulemaking proceeding to establish limitations on duty time for flight attendants. Requires the Secretary to issue final regulations by a specified deadline. Prohibits any air carrier from operating an aircraft using a flight attendant who has been on duty in excess of specified hours or who has had less than a specified number of hours of rest if such regulations (...show more) have not been promulgated by a certain time. Permits modification of the specified hours of duty if the Secretary determines such modification is in the public interest and submits a copy of the modifying regulations to certain congressional committees. Treats a duty period with both domestic and international flight segments as: (1) international flying for purposes of calculating duty and rest requirements if the majority of the flight time during such period is on an international segment; and (2) domestic flying if the majority of such flight time during such period is on a domestic segment.

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Bill titles: To amend the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 to provide for the establishment of limitations on the duty time for flight attendants.

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