102nd Congress > House > Vote 615

Date: 1992-06-16

Result: 268-153 (Passed)

Clerk session vote number: 194

Vote Subject Matter: Civil Liberties / Domestic Social Policy

Bill number: S250

Question: On Passage


Bill summary: National Voter Registration Act of 1992 - Requires each State to establish procedures with respect to presidential and congressional elections and to permit voter registration by: (1) application in person simultaneously with application for a motor vehicle driver's license; (2) mail application; or (3) application in person at designated Federal, State, or nongovernmental office locations. Requires each State to designate voter registration agencies, including all offices in the State that (...show more) provide: (1) public assistance, unemployment compensation, or related services; and (2) State-funded programs primarily for persons with disabilities. Requires voter registration agencies to perform certain services including: (1) incorporation in application forms (as well as other non-registration forms) of a means by which the person completing the form may decline to register to vote in Federal elections; and (2) give each applicant who does not decline to register the same degree of assistance given anyone to fill out other forms in the agency. Declares that this Act does not apply to any State that has no voter registration requirement with respect to elections for Federal office and/or in which voters may register at the polling place at the time of a general election for Federal office. Requires each State to: (1) assure that any eligible applicant who submits an application by a certain deadline before the election is registered to vote in the election; (2) require the appropriate State election official to notify each applicant of the disposition of the application; (3) provide that the name of a voter may not be removed from the official list of eligible voters except by reason of death, criminal conviction, mental incapacity, change in residence, or voter request; (4) inform applicants of voter eligibility requirements and penalties provided by law for submission of a false voter registration application; (5) conduct a general program that makes a reasonable effort to remove from the official lists any voters ineligible by reason of death or change of address; and (6) ensure that the identity of any voter registration agency where a particular voter registered is not publicly disclosed. Provides that any State program or activity to protect the integrity of the electoral process by assuring an accurate and current voter registration roll for elections for Federal office shall: (1) be uniform and nondiscriminatory; and (2) not result in the removal of the name of any person from the official list of registered voters for failing to vote. Requires any program designed to systematically remove ineligible voters from the rolls to complete its work 90 days prior to a primary or general election for Federal office. Prohibits a State from removing the name of a voter from the official list of eligible voters for Federal elections on the grounds that the registrant has moved, unless such registrant: (1) confirms in writing that he or she has changed residence to a place outside the jurisdiction of the registrar; or (2) has failed to respond to a notice from the registrar and has not appeared to vote and, if necessary, correct the address in an election during a certain period. Provides for the opportunity to vote of a person who has changed address without properly notifying the registrar. States that in the event of a change of address, for voting purposes, of a voter to another address within the same jurisdiction, the registrar shall correct the voting registration list accordingly. Prohibits such voter's name from being removed from the registry of eligible voters by reason of such change of address, except as provided in this Act. Requires the United States attorney to give the chief State election official written notice of an offender's felony conviction in Federal district court. Amends Federal postal rate law to require the Postal Service to make certain lower postal rates available to State or local election officials who certify that a mailing is in furtherance of this Act. Requires the States to maintain for public disclosure, for a minimum two-year period, all records pertaining to the accuracy and currency of official lists of eligible voters. Directs the Federal Election Commission to: (1) develop a mail voter registration application form for Federal elections; (2) submit, not later than June 30 of each odd-numbered year, to the Congress a report assessing the impact of this Act on the administration of Federal elections during the preceding two-year period; and (3) provide information to the States with respect to their responsibilities. Requires each State to designate a chief State election official to coordinate State functions under this Act. Provides a private right of action for an individual aggrieved by a violation of this Act. Provides for the awarding of attorney fees to the prevailing party, other than the United States. Imposes criminal penalties upon any person who: (1) intimidates, threatens, or coerces any person for registering or voting or exercising any right under this Act; or (2) deprives or defrauds the inhabitants of a State of a fair and impartially conducted election process.

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Bill titles: A bill to establish national voter registration procedures for Federal elections, and for other purposes.

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