102nd Congress > House > Vote 861

Date: 1992-09-30

Result: 179-243 (Failed)

Clerk session vote number: 447

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Government Organization

Bill number: S1528



Bill summary: Mimbres Culture National Monument Establishment Act of 1992 - Establishes the Mimbres Culture National Monument in New Mexico as a unit of the National Park System. Sets forth provisions concerning the acquisition of lands for inclusion in the Monument. Requires the Secretary of the Interior to establish a visitor center and administrative headquarters for the Monument in Silver City, New Mexico. Requires the Secretary, within three complete fiscal years after the enactment of this Act, to (...show more) submit a general management plan for the Monument to specified congressional committees. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into cooperative agreements with: (1) appropriate local institutions of higher learning to establish a curatorial operation for the care and maintenance of Mimbres cultural artifacts; and (2) other Federal agencies and public and private entities to implement research to evaluate broad aspects of the Mimbres culture. Establishes the Mimbres Culture Archeological Site Protection System (System) for protecting, researching, and integrating information about the Mimbres culture. Prohibits the addition of new sites or deletion of existing sites from the System without an Act of Congress. Requires the Secretary, within three years after completing the general management plan, to report to specified congressional committees any recommendations for additions to or deletions from the list of archeological protection sites set forth in this Act. Authorizes the Secretary or the Secretary of Agriculture, where appropriate, to enter into cooperative agreements with other Federal, State and local agencies, public and private entities, private landowners, and other persons to administer, manage, protect, research, and interpret sites within the System. Directs the Secretary to establish an advisory committee to provide guidance in preparing and implementing the joint management plan for the System required by this Act. Authorizes appropriations.

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Bill titles: A bill to establish the Mimbres Culture National Monument and to establish an archeological protection system for Mimbres sites in the State of New Mexico, and for other purposes.

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