109th Congress > House > Vote 737

Date: 2006-03-28

Result: 285-128 (Passed)

Clerk session vote number: 69

Vote Subject Matter: Agriculture / Regulation Special Interest

Bill number: S2120

Question: On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass

Description: Milk Regulatory Equity Act

Bill summary: (This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary of that version is repeated here.) Milk Regulatory Equity Act of 2005 - Amends the the Agricultural Adjustment Act, reenacted with amendments by the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937, to subject specified Class I milk handlers (including producer-handlers) to federal milk marketing order minimum and uniform price requirements applicable to the county in which the plant of the handler is located, at federal order (...show more) class prices, if the handler has packaged fluid milk product route dispositions, or sales of packaged fluid milk products to other plants, in a marketing area located in a state that requires handlers to pay minimum prices for raw milk purchases. Exempts from such provision: (1) a handler operating a nonpool plant; (2) a producer-handler for any month during which packaged fluid milk route dispositions and sales to other plants are less than three million pounds of milk; or (3) specified handlers whose fluid milk products are disposed of as route dispositions or transfers, or whose dispositions or transfers are in states requiring minimum prices for raw milk purchases. Subjects a Class I milk handler in the Arizona-Las Vegas marketing area (Order 131) to minimum milk price requirements for any month in which the handler distributes in such area at least three million pounds of Class I products from his or her own production. States that minimum milk price and exemption provisions under this Act shall not be construed as affecting, expanding, or contracting the treatment of producer-handlers except as provided for by such provisions. Excludes Nevada from federal milk marketing orders.

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Bill titles: A bill to ensure regulatory equity between and among all dairy farmers and handlers for sales of packaged fluid milk in federally regulated milk marketing areas and into certain non-federally regulated milk marketing areas from federally regulated areas, and for other purposes.

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