111th Congress > House > Vote 1485

Date: 2010-07-30

Result: 402-11 (Passed)

Clerk session vote number: 502

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Regulation Special Interest

Bill number: HR5901

Question: On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass

Description: Real Estate Jobs and Investment Act of 2010

Bill summary: Amends the Internal Revenue Code to authorize the U.S. Tax Court to: (1) appoint a clerk of court and other necessary employees without regard to civil service provisions governing appointments in the competitive service and to fix and adjust the compensation for such employees; (2) establish programs for employee evaluations, incentive awards, flexible work schedules, premium pay, and resolution of employee grievances; and (3) hire experts and consultants. Requires the Court's personnel (...show more) management system to incorporate existing merit system principles and employee appeal rights, prohibit employment discrimination and prohibited personnel practices, and provide appropriate preference in hiring. Authorizes the judges and special trial judges of such Court to appoint their own employees, including law clerks, without regard to civil service provisions governing appointments in the competitive service.

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Bill titles: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exempt certain stock of real estate investment trusts from the tax on foreign investment in United States real property interests, and for other purposes.; An act to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to authorize the tax court to appoint employees.

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