94th Congress > Senate > Vote 934

Date: 1976-06-23

Result: 91-5

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Budget Special Interest

Bill number: HR14237


Bill summary: Makes appropriations for Agriculture and Related Agencies Programs for fiscal year 1977. Title I: Agricultural Programs - Appropriates specified sums for: (1) expenses of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture; (2) administration of the Department; (3) the Economic Management Support Center; (4) the Office of the Inspector General; (5) the Office of the General Counsel; (6) the Agricultural Research Service; (7) the Special Foreign Currency Program; (8) the Animal and Plant Health (...show more) Inspection Service; (9) the Cooperative State Research Service; (10) the Agricultural Extension Service; (11) the National Agricultural Library; (12) the Statistical Reporting Service; (13) the Economic Research Service; (14) agricultural marketing service programs; (15) farm income stabilization programs; (16) the Federal Crop Insurance Insurance Corporation; and (17) the Commodity Credit Corporation. Title II: Rural Development and Assistance - Makes appropriations for rural development and conservation programs. Title III: Domestic Food Programs - Makes appropriations for child nutrition programs; the Food Stamp Program; the Food Donations Program; and the Elderly Feeding Program. Title IV: International Programs - Makes appropriations for the Foreign Agricultural Service and for specified expenses incurred under the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act. Title V: Related Agencies - Makes appropriations for the Food and Drug Administration; the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and for the Farm Credit Administration. Title VI: General Provisions - Sets forth regulations and restrictions governing the administration of funds appropriated pursuant to this Act.

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Bill titles: An Act making appropriations for Agriculture and Related Agencies programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1977, and for other purposes.; A bill making appropriations for Agriculture and Related Agencies programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1977.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 122-98, p. S10224;

Links for more info on the vote: congress.gov

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