106th Congress > Senate > Vote 330

Date: 1999-10-19

Result: 53-48 (Cloture Motion Rejected)

Clerk session vote number: 330

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Regulation Special Interest

Bill number: S1593

Question: On the Cloture Motion

Description: In the nature of a substitute.

Bill summary: Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 1999- Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) with respect to soft money to, among other changes: (1) prohibit a national committee of a political party (including specified related entities) from soliciting or receiving contributions or making expenditures not subject to FECA; (2) require a State, district, or local committee of a political party to make Federal election year expenditures (with exceptions) for specified Federal election (...show more) activities from funds subject to FECA; (3) prohibit a national, State, district, or local committee from soliciting or donating funds to a tax-exempt organization; and (4) prohibit an incumbent or candidate for Federal office or an entity directly or indirectly established , financed, maintained or controlled by or acting on behalf of one or more candidates or incumbents from soliciting or receiving funds not subject to FECA, including funds for any Federal election activity and from soliciting, receiving, directing, transferring, or spending funds in connection with any election other than an election for Federal office or disburse funds in connection with such an election unless the funds meet specified requirements. Establishes an individual annual limit of $10,000 for State committee contributions. Increases the aggregate individual contribution limit to $30,000. Requires national and State committees to report all receipts and disbursements. Repeals the building fund exception to the definition of contribution. Amends the National Labor Relations Act to declare it to be an unfair labor practice for a labor organization to receive payments from an employee pursuant to an agreement requiring such non-member employee to make payments in lieu of organization dues or fees without establishing a specified objection procedure under which the non-member's fees are reduced by the percentage that would be used to support political activities (thus codifying the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Communications Workers of America et al. v. Beck et al).

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Bill titles: A bill to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to provide bipartisan campaign reform.

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