110th Congress > Senate > Vote 75

Date: 2007-03-15

Result: 48-51 (Joint Resolution Defeated)

Clerk session vote number: 75

Vote Subject Matter: Foreign and Defense Policy / Defense Policy Resolutions

Bill number: SJRES9

Question: On the Joint Resolution

Description: A joint resolution to revise United States policy on Iraq.

Bill summary: United States Policy in Iraq Resolution of 2007 - Directs the President to begin the phased redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq within 120 days of enactment of this joint resolution with the goal of redeploying by March 31, 2008, all U.S. combat forces from Iraq, except for a limited number essential for protecting U.S. and coalition personnel and infrastructure, training and equipping Iraqi forces, and conducting targeted counter-terrorism operations. Requires the President to transition the (...show more) U.S. forces' mission in Iraq promptly to such purposes. States that such redeployment shall be implemented as part of a diplomatic, political, and economic strategy that includes sustained engagement with Iraq's neighbors and the international community in order to bring stability to Iraq. Directs the President, not later than 60 days after enactment of this Act and every 90 days thereafter, to report to Congress on the progress made in such mission transition and force redeployment.

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Bill titles: A joint resolution to revise United States policy on Iraq.

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