93rd Congress > House > Vote 847

Date: 1974-08-02

Result: 321-8

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Budget Special Interest

Bill number: HR15736


Bill summary: (LATEST SUMMARY) Reclamation Development Act - =Title I: Page, Arizona, Community Act= - States that the purpose of this title is to separate the town of Page, Arizona, from the Colorado River storage project so that the United States may withdraw from ownership and operation of the town, and the town may be incorporated and self-governing. Transfers designated properties to such town without cost. Provides for water rights for Page, Arizona, from Lake Powell. Specifies projects to be (...show more) completed in Page by the United States. Authorizes payment of $500,000 to Page, upon its incorporation, for specified municipal services and facilities. Authorizes appropriations from the Upper Colorado River Basin Fund to Page in the amount necessary for Page to acquire electric distribution facilities. Transfers 808 acres in Cocomino County, Arizona, to the Navajo Indian Reservation. Authorizes the use of up to $4,000,000 from the Upper Colorado Basin Fund to carry out this title. =Title II: Cibolo Project, Texas= - Authorizes the construction, operation, and maintenance of a dam on recreational facilities on Cibolo Creek, Texas, including provision of water for municipal and industrial use. Authorizes appropriations of $24,160,000 for flood control, fish and wildlife, and recreation in connection with such project. =Title III: Mountain Park Project Oklahoma= - Provides for the construction and operation of municipal water supply facilities, and authorizes appropriations, therefor, for Frederick, Oklahoma. =Title IV: Casitas Reservation Open Space, California= - Directs the purchase of, and authorizes appropriations for, private lands to add to the Lake Casistas Reservoir area in California. =Title V: Klamath Project Right-of-Way, Oregon= - Directs the conveyance by quitclaim deed to the owners of record of specified lands in Klamath Falls, Oregon. =Title VI: Solana Project Recreational Facilities, California= - Authorizes the development and operation of short-term recreational facilities at Lake Berryessa, Solano Project California, and authorizes appropriations for such purposes. =Title VII: Miscellaneous Drainage Construction, Utah= - Authorizes the construction of specified drainage facilities in the Central Utah and Emery County projects in Utah. =Title VIII: Belle Fourche Dam Rehabilitation, South Dakota= - Authorizes the construction and operation of an adequate spillway and improvement of the upstream slope protection at the Belle Fourche Dam, South Dakota. Authorizes appropriations for such purpose. =Title IX: Glendo Unit Road Reconstruction, Wyoming= - Authorizes the relocation and reconstruction, and appropriations therefor, of a highway near the Glendo Dam and Reservoir, Wyoming. =Title X: Nueces River Project, Texas= - Authorizes the construction and operation, and appropriations therefor, for the Nueces River project in Texas, including furnishing of water for municipal, industrial, and recreational uses. =Title XI: Fryingpan-Arkansas Project, Colorado= - Authorizes additional appropriations for construction and operation at the Fryingpan-Arkansas project, Colorado. =Title XII: Savage Rapids Fish Way, Oregon= - Authorizes the construction of improved fish passages at the Savage Rapids Dam, Oregon, and authorizes appropriations therefor. =Title XIII: Feasibility Study Authorities= - Authorizes feasibility studies of water resource development programs in California, Arizona, and North Dakota. =Title XIV: Elephant Butte Recreation Pool, New Mexico= - Authorizes the Heron Reservoir, New Mexico, to provide storage and a recreation pool in Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico.

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Bill titles: An Act to authorize, enlarge, and repair various Federal Reclamation projects and programs, and for other purposes.; A bill to authorize, enlarge, and repair various Federal Reclamation projects and programs.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 120-116, p. H7579;

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