94th Congress > House > Vote 576

Date: 1975-12-12

Result: 331-72

Vote Subject Matter: Foreign and Defense Policy / Defense Policy Budget

Bill number: HR9861


Bill summary: (Senate agreed to House amendment with an amendment) Department of Defense Appropriation Act - Makes appropriations for the Department of Defense for fiscal year 1976 and the period beginning July 1, 1976 and ending September 30, 1976. =Title I: Military Personnel= - Makes appropriations for pay, allowances, clothing, and other expenses for the personnel of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the reserve forces thereof and for the Army and Air Force National Guard. =Title II: (...show more) Retired Military Personnel= - Appropriates funds for retired pay. =Title III: Operation and Maintenance= - Makes appropriations for expenses not otherwise provided for necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Armed Forces and their reserve forces, for the defense agencies, and for the National Guard. Requires that funds provided in this Act for the operation and maintenance of the anti-ballistic-missile facility may be used only for the purpose of the expeditious termination and deactivation of all operations of that facility. Authorizes appropriations for necessary expenses for construction and equipment of rifle ranges; instruction of citizens in marksmanship, promotion of rifle practice, and the travel of rifle teams. =Title IV: Procurement= - Appropriates funds for weapons, ships, aircraft, missiles, ammunition, and other equipment and supplies required by the armed forces and defense agencies. Limits the amount which may be spent on the Navy's Condor missile program until the Secretary of Defense determines and advises the Congress that the Condor missile system has successfully completed testing and can be released for production. Prohibits any of the funds appropriated in this Act from being used for any activities involving Angola other than intelligence gathering. =Title V: Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation= - Makes appropriations of funds for programs of research, development, test, and evaluation by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and defense agencies. =Title VI: Special Foreign Currency Program= - Appropriates funds for payment in foreign currencies which the Treasury Department determines to be excess to the normal requirements of the United States for expenses of carrying out programs of the Department of Defense. =Title VII: General Provisions= - Sets forth regulations and restrictions governing the administration of funds appropriated pursuant to this Act. Prohibits the use of funds appropriated under this Act for payment of a price differential on contracts hereafter made for the purpose of relieving economic dislocation, except where the Secretary of Defense has specifically determined that sufficient price competition exists to insure a reasonable price to the Government. Sets forth prohibitions on the use of funds, appropriated under this Act for the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services, for specified treatments or services. Disallows use of funds under this Act by the Army for design, procurement of plant equipment, or construction of new ammunition plant facilities except in areas in which existing ammunition plant facilities are being closed, placed in layaway, or at which production has been curtailed. Requires through September 30, 1976, that all Federal employees be: (1) United States citizens; (2) persons who are eligible and have filed a declaration of intention to become a citizen; (3) persons who owe allegiance to the United States; (4) aliens from Cuba, Poland, or the Baltic countries lawfully admitted for permanent residence; or (5) South Vietnamese refugees paroled into the United States. States that an affadavit signed by any such person shall be prima facie evidence that such requirements have been met. =Title VIII: Related Agency= - Appropriates funds for necessary expenses of the Defense Manpower Commission.

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Bill titles: An Act making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1976, and the period beginning July 1, 1976, and ending September 30, 1976, and for other purposes.; A bill making appropriations for the Department of Defense for the fiscal year 1976, and the period beginning July 1, 1976, and ending September 30, 1976.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 121-184, p. H12477;

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