102nd Congress > House > Vote 4

Date: 1991-01-03

Result: 242-161 (Passed)

Clerk session vote number: 5

Vote Subject Matter: Miscellaneous Policy / Internal Organization

Bill number: HRES5

Question: On Agreeing to the Resolution


Bill summary: Adopts the Rules of the House of Representatives of the 101st Congress, after amendments, as the Rules of the House of Representatives for the 102d Congress. Amends rule I of the Rules of the 102d Congress to subject any telecommunication function relating to the House to rules and regulations issued by the Speaker. Amends rule X to revise previous service requirements for the ranking minority Member of the Committee on the Budget. Repeals Rules Committee jurisdiction over legislation relating (...show more) to emergency waivers (under the Congressional Budget Act of 1974) of the required reporting date for bills and resolutions authorizing new budget authority. Gives the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct jurisdiction over functions designated in titles I and V of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 and specified provisions of Federal law relating to Federal employees with respect to: (1) receipt and disposition of foreign gifts and decorations; (2) gifts to superiors; and (3) gifts to other Federal employees. Amends rule XI to require the publication of each committee's rules in the Congressional Record within 30 days after the committee is elected (currently, after the Congress convenes) in each odd-numbered year. Makes the member of the majority party ranking immediately after the chairman of a committee or subcommittee the vice chairman. Requires the vice chairman of the majority party on any standing committee or subcommittee to preside in the temporary absence of the chairman, and for the ranking majority Member to preside in the absence of the vice chairman. Amends rule XVI to authorize the Speaker additional discretion to entertain a motion to recess. Amends rule XXI to prohibit the consideration of a bill, joint resolution, or conference report providing, increasing, or decreasing receipts or direct spending as defined in the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 (Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act), unless the report contains a cost estimate by the Congressional Budget Office. Sets forth procedures relating to such statement. Amends rule XXIII to authorize the Chairman of the Committee of the Whole additional discretion to reduce the time of an electronic rollcall vote in certain circumstances. Amends rule XXVII to delete provisions relating to submission to the House of a motion to suspend the rules. Requires the House to consider a resolution immediately if a motion prevails to discharge the Committee on Rules from considering it. Amends rule XLV to provide that if an amount from a Member's Official Expenses Allowance is paid into the House Recording Studio revolving fund for telecommunications satellite services: (1) the Member may accept reimbursement from non-political entities in that amount; and (2) such amount shall be transmitted to the Clerk of the House for credit to the Official Expenses Allowances. Amends rule XLVI to repeal a specified formula used to limit the franked mail per year for each Member. Allows a Member to send mass mailings outside of the Member's district in certain circumstances. Makes a Member's mass mailing unfrankable if it is postmarked (currently, if it is mailed) less than 60 days before the date of any primary or general election in which such Member is a candidate for public office. States that if mail matter is of a type which is not customarily postmarked, the date on which such matter would have been postmarked shall apply. Amends rule XLVII to revise provisions relating to limitations on outside employment and earned income with respect to a Member, an officer, or an employee of the House. Allows affiliation with an outside entity and practice of a profession, but neither for compensation. Amends rule XLVIII to prohibit a Member from serving on the Select Committee on Intelligence for more than six years of continuous service. Repeals the exclusion from the count of years of any service on the Committee during the 95th Congress. Provides that at least four Members appointed to the Committee at the beginning of each Congress shall be Members who did not serve in the preceding Congress. Adds rule LI to apply the Fair Employment Practice Resolution, House Resolution 558 (100th Congress) to Members, officers, employees, and employment positions of the House during the 102d Congress. Grants the Committee on House Administration the authority to issue rules and regulations applying the rights and protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act in the House.

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Bill titles: Adopting the Rules of the House for the One Hundred Second Congress.

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