93rd Congress > Senate > Vote 253

Date: 1973-06-29

Result: 73-16

Vote Subject Matter: Foreign and Defense Policy / Foreign Policy Budget

Bill number: HJR636

Description: TO PASS H.J.RES. 636.

Bill summary: (LATEST SUMMARY) Makes appropriations of such amounts as may be necessary for continuing projects or activities which were conducted in fiscal year 1973 and for which appropriations would be available in specified appropriations Acts for fiscal year 1974. Provides that, on or after August 15, 1973, no funds herein or heretofore appropriated may be obligated or expended to finance directly or indirectly combat activities by United States military forces in or over or from off the shores of (...show more) North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. Provides that, unless specifically authorized by Congress, none of the funds herein appropriated under this joint resolution or heretofore appropriated under any other Act may be expended for the purpose of providing assistance in the reconstruction or rehabilitation of North Vietnam.

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Bill titles: Joint resolution making continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1974, and for other purposes.; Joint resolution making continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 1974.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 119-103, p. S12582;

Links for more info on the vote: congress.gov

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