94th Congress > Senate > Vote 665

Date: 1976-03-09

Result: 55-36

Vote Subject Matter: Government Management / Regulation Special Interest

Bill number: HR8650

Description: TO PASS H.R. 8650.

Bill summary: (Reported to Senate from the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs with amendment, S. Rept. 94-623) Energy Conservation and Insulation in Buildings Act - =Title I: Residential Insulation Assistance for Low-Income Persons= - Residential Insulation Assistance Act - Authorizes the Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration to provide financial assistance to States and to transfer to other Federal departments or agencies funds for use to serve Native Americans to assist in (...show more) carrying out projects to improve insulation and energy conservation in dwellings in which heads of households are low-income persons, particularly where elderly and handicapped low-income persons reside. Directs the Administrator to publish regulations designed to carry out this title, which: (1) set forth standards for insulation materials and energy conservation techniques; and (2) insure that the benefits of insulation assistance will accrue, in the case of leased dwellings, primarily to low-income tenants. Permits designated Federal agencies to implement the assistance provided under this title in States which do not apply to so implement. Authorizes such assistance to States, upon annual application, which designate a State agency having special qualifications with respect to the problems of low-income persons. Makes such agencies solely responsible for administration and allocation of financial assistance under this title. Requires applications for assistance to specify the location and scope of projects to be funded, including the number of low-income persons to be assisted, the type of insulation work to be done, and policies to assure that such funds will not supplant State or local funds. Requires that not less than 50 percent of assistance under this title be allocated to community action agencies carrying out programs under title II (Urban and Rural Community Action Programs) of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, or other appropriate qualified public or nonprofit entities in the State. Sets forth monitoring and record-keeping requirements relative to extension of assistance under this title. Provides that before final disapproval of an application for assistance, the State agency shall be notified and given opportunity for a hearing. Permits applicants dissatisfied with a final action of the Administrator to petition for a review of such action in the appropriate United States circuit court of appeals. Prohibits discrimination in any program supported with assistance under this title. Requires annual reports to the Congress describing the program carried out under this title. Authorizes appropriations to carry out this title of $55,000,000 for each of fiscal years 1976, 1977, and 1978. =Title II: Building Conservation Standards= - Building Conservation Standards Act - Directs the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to publish, within three years of enactment of this title, proposed performance energy conservation standards for new commercial and residential buildings. Requires such standards to be effective within 18 months after such publication. Prohibits approval by any Federal officer of assistance for construction of any building in any State or areas which do not have similar standards to such Federal standards in effect. Directs Federal entities responsible for regulation or insuring of banks and savings and loan institutions to adopt regulations prohibiting such institutions from making or purchasing construction loans, unless such buildings are to be located in areas where Federal assistance is permitted under this title. Requires the head of each Federal agency responsible for construction of Federal buildings to adopt necessary procedures to assure that such construction meets applicable energy conservation standards under this title. Authorizes grants to States to assist them in developing standards or State certification procedures to carry out the provisions of this title.

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Bill titles: A bill to assist low-income persons in insulating their homes, to facilitate State and local adoption of energy conservation standards for new buildings, and to direct the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to undertake research and to develop energy conservation performance standards.

Original source documents: Digest of the Congressional Record vol. 122-33, p. S3092;

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