102nd Congress > Senate > Vote 466

Date: 1992-08-11

Result: 74-22 (Resolution Agreed to)

Clerk session vote number: 186

Vote Subject Matter: Foreign and Defense Policy / Foreign Policy Resolutions

Bill number: SRES330

Question: On the Resolution

Description: An original resolution relating to authorization of multinational action in Bosnia-Hercegovina under Article 42 of the United Nations Charter.

Bill summary: Expresses the sense of the Senate that: (1) the President should call for an emergency meeting of the United Nations (UN) Security Council to authorize all necessary means, including multilateral military force, to give effect to Security Council decisions to ensure the provision of humanitarian relief in Bosnia-Hercegovina (B-H) and to gain access for UN and International Red Cross personnel to refugee and prisoner of war camps in the former Yugoslavia; and (2) the Security Council should (...show more) develop the means by which to implement the July 17, 1992, UN-sponsored ceasefire plan, which includes placing heavy weapons in BH under UN supervision, review the effects on B-H of the arms embargo imposed on all states in the former Yugoslavia and determine whether its termination or suspension for B-H could result in increased security for the civilian population, and convene a tribunal to investigate accumulate evidence, and charge and prepare the basis for trying individuals believed to have committed or to have been responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed within the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Supports the measures announced by the President on August 6, 1992. Prohibits the introduction of U.S. military personnel into combat or potential combat situations without clearly defined objectives and sufficient resources. Pledges that the Senate shall provide necessary funds for U.S. participation in such humanitarian relief and multilateral force activities, pursuant to UN Security Council mandates consistent with the terms of this Act. Expresses the sense of the Senate that: (1) the elections for the President and Parliament of Romania scheduled on September 27, 1992, will be an important measure of Romania's progress toward democracy; (2) such elections should be conducted in a free and fair manner that includes reasonably equal access to the mass media by the major candidates; (3) the Secretary of State should initiate an international effort to ensure that a sufficient number of U.S. and international observers are in Romania to monitor the elections; and (4) consideration of any legislation to grant nondiscriminatory (most-favored-nation) trade status to Romania should be withheld until the Secretary has certified to the Senate that the elections in Romania are conducted in a free and fair manner.

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Bill titles: An original resolution relating to authorization of multinational action in Bosnia-Hercegovina under Article 42 of the United Nations Charter.

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